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If you live in Byron, CA – Explore our service for your European car!

Located in Walnut Creek, we are just a short drive from any Byron address. Byron has many residents owning fine European cars, brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Volvo. While there are local dealerships for all these fine cars, we provide an economical and highly-capable alternative to dealerships – with our friendly service and expert service personnel ready to become your personal mechanics for the car you cherish.

We were established in 1997, so we represent a long-standing proven business, having served thousands of satisfied customers during our long history.

As an independent repair facility where the owner of the business is on our shop floor every day, you will be dealing with people who are totally dedicated to service excellence and those who depend on your total satisfaction for our very existence and livelihood. We treat every customer as if their vehicle was our own.

The Pleasant Hill BART station is 5 minutes from our door, and when you leave your car with us for service and need a ride, we will take you to the station, and pick you up there later when your services are complete if you call ahead for pick up during business hours.

We think you will appreciate our service culture: one that makes sure your vehicle is safe and running as it should while avoiding repair work that is not critical – able to be deferred. Somewhat like a capable physician, we inform you of our diagnosis of your vehicle’s state, our suggestions for maintenance as if we owned your car, and then we let you make the decisions. With all our experience, we know that is what our customers want – not “pushy” service suggestions to increase your immediate repair or service expenses.


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If you found this page with in our website, it may be because you are searching for a repair facility convenient to Byron. For those in Byron visiting us for the first time, we offer hard-earned-dollar savings on your first visit – not a percentage of your repair bill, but actual dollars off any service you might need – including oil changes. See our offer on this page and also check our service specials.

In summary, if you live in Byron, CA, you will not find a more reliable and trustworthy crew of experts to keep your vehicle in top condition for all the enjoyable years you own it.

We warranty all our work for a full year or 12,000 miles – new parts and labor.

A trustworthy source for auto repair and service located in Walnut Creek, CA.

Here, Your Service Advisor is the Owner!

Because we’re not a huge operation, the person you talk to about your car is the owner. You get to know him, and he takes pride in knowing you, and your requirements.

Carlos Showing is well-respected as a person who treats those who trust their vehicles to his care as if they were family. You’ll immediately appreciate the difference between this and dealing with conventional service managers.

This is natural because it’s his business reputation at stake if your satisfaction is not fulfilled. We thrive on your recommendation to others.

Here, you’ll find the treasured European traditions that have all but faded away with corporate interests at the helm of large modern day businesses. Pride, honor in a hard day’s work and responsibility live on.
Our primary reputation is that of a Mercedes repair shop, although we specialize in service and repair for all German cars – Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and also Volvo automobiles.

Are There Sacrifices in Choosing Us? Can Smaller be Better?

While their new vehicle is under a manufacturer’s warranty, most owners will naturally gravitate to a dealer’s huge service center. After all, the warranty-covered service and repairs are free! Dealer service centers have a captive audience. A few even act accordingly.

Once your manufacturer’s warranty expires, even if you have an extended warranty plan, the game changes. You are in charge of deciding who will service and repair your car. The choice is yours again.

Ask yourself, “Does a student in a huge class of 50 get a better education than one in a class of 10?” The same logic applies to servicing your car. The closer the supervision, the better for you. Small is better.

We are fully educated, skilled and qualified to provide the trustworthy service you seek at more competitive prices you’ll certainly appreciate. Our online service records and other features are the most modern available today,

Here you will find a wealth of information about European Auto Repair, Inc.

You’ll find our certifications, recommendations, thoughts about Third Party Car Insurance, and lots more. Check out our Porsche and Audi pages with special offers on those fine cars.

Our email newsletter (sent only when we think it has something of value for you to know), will also let you become mare familiar with us. Of course, beyond all this, we urge you to stop by and meet us, before you have a particular service need. That way we can get to know one another and you can decide for yourself if we will be the experts to trust for your vehicle’s care.

Our Special Offers!

Your Warranty Is Safe
We warranty all our work for a full year or 12,000 miles – new parts and labor. We also work with almost any extended warranty company covering your vehicle. to get their coverage on work we do for you.
Refer A Friend & You Both Save
When you are already our customer and you refer a friend to us, they can save $60 on their first visit and you save 10% up to $100 on your next visit within a year.
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These guys hit the ball out of the park!

These guys hit the ball out of the park as usual. There commitment to customer service is above & beyond what even the best shops offer. Their people are highly educated & trained as auto repair technicians and so are Carols the owner operator/operator & John the service manager. These people get the job done right the 1st time. Their commitment to doing the job right on your Mercedes & keeping the price ;ow as possible is a passion with them.I'm a disabled person who knows nothing about Mercedes/car repair. Carlos & John get the repair job diagnosed correctly & priced at an amount I can afford. They also had it smogged for me. These people are great & so is their shop!

Joey B. - Hercules, CA (Yelp review 03/03/19)